Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lava Lamp animated gifs

Right click on animated gif to save to your computer.

Black based motion lamp with rotating color water and wax
Full size: 40 x 150
Type: animated gif

Black based lava lamp with rotating colors
Full size: 63 x 144
Type: animated gif

Coloring changing lava lamp with silver base
Full size: 50 x 120
Type: animated gif

Lava motion lamp with changing colors of wax
Full size: 66 x 145
Type: animated gif

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dj trish said...

Hi Im Trish
I have a lava lamp too.Its been a while since I plugged it in.One night when Im listening to jazz i'll plug it in.So you like CDs too huh.
I read somewhere many record companies are discontinuing putting out CDs but I still use mine.
I welcome you to check out my blog and comment or follow it if you enjoy reading it.
Merry Christmas!

Doogsy said...

Awesome animates lava lamp gifs.
I'm a massive lava lamp fan just like you :-).