Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Lava Lamp avatars and tiny pics

To see all 15 new Lava Lamp avatars and tiny pics plus 1,000's more cartoon, tv and movie related free avatars, go to:

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100 x 100 Avatars / Graphics / Tiny Pics / Jpegs
Tags: 60's, 70's, floating blobs, flowers, free, groovy, lava lamps, motion lamps, retro, rocket ship, spaceship


Preschool2Teen said...

I remember being a kid going to my mom's friend's house for their Friday night outtings and she had like 3 Lava lamps in the living room. I would sit there in amazement watching the blob. It was so cool to me, now that I'm grown and have my own children I tried showing them a Lava lamp and they looked at me and said oh, ok, so this was cool to you. Kids these days. lol, but I still think they are cool.

Frescura said...

So true! Everything kids have now have so many bells and whistle, I guess the lava lamp just can't compete. =0)

Anonymous said...

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