Sunday, November 21, 2010

Animated gifs of Lava Lamps

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1,000's of lava lamp items to bid on or buy at ebay
Aladdin Genie style, The Beatles Yellow Submarine, chrome, Grande lamps, Harley Davidson, LAVA LITE, light bases, Metallica, starship table lamps, twin column lava lamps, USB night light, vintage lamps etc.

Close up of Lava Lamp with rising and falling blobs of red wax
Full size: 176 x 220
Type: animated gif

Classic Century Lava Lamp with rising blobs of red wax in gold liquid
Full size: 67 x 184
Type: animated gif

Lava Lamp with black base with  rising blobs of blue wax in aqua liquid
Full size: 38 x 89
Type: animated gif

Silver based Lava Lamp with rising blobs of blue wax in clear liquid
Full size: 66 x 145
Type: animated gif

Tags: animation, Facebook comments, floating blobs, gifs de lava, liquid motion lamps, Myspace comments, retro

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